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Hello Everyone!

Info lips Santosh Bharnuke

I’m Santosh Bharnuke, founder of Info Lips Inc., and this is my dream website. I am 45 years old and still learning something new every day and after. Everyday is teach me something new, something different from previous. So here I share that my life experience with you all, which may help you to take your decision confirm, make it easy & correct.

Info Lips trying to provide you a information with its own experience, collection of other sources, arrange it in simple and very effective way. So that it can easily understand to everyone, yes everyone. This information related to your daily needs in your life. How to purchase electronic things, gadgets, equipment, what are advantages and what are the drawbacks and so on. Info Lips try to touch all the edges of the cube and try to make it very clear, yea crystal clear, so everyone will able see a complete picture.

So friends just explore the www.InfoLips.com and make your self more knowledgeable, more informative and more confident and make it your self different from others. Take your decision firmly. Info Lips, information for all !!!!!!!!!

If you want to give some suggestion, you are most welcome. Have a fun!!!!!!

Santosh Bharnuke

Infolips Founder

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