Air Purifier Buying Guide :

A complete guide to buying a Air Purifier :

Today we are see that everywhere day-by-day the air is get polluted, so air purifier is become a today’s need. So this article will help you to select a correct air purifier. Yes correct because, there are several dummy products are available in the market and may cause your health.
So in this buying guide we will explore the complete air purifier, so that at the end you will be ready to buy a good air purifier.

Please check following check points before you buying a Air Purifier :

Purifiers working process : The actual technology of the air purifier is the air filter. It works like filter. It has filtring mesh which blocks the harmful particles and bacteria from the air and pass the filtered air. then remaining part of the machine does take care everything of air inflow and outflow. The inflow and outflow flow rate depends on blower and filter capacity of the purifier. Thus the air purifier filter the air. There are different types of Air purifiers : Below are the different types of air purifiers available in the market.

  • Activated Carbon filters.
  • HEPA filters
  • Ozone purifies
  • Air Ionizers

We will see the details of every air purifiers. Before that keep in mind that, strictly avoid to use Ozone based air purifiers, This ozone is very harmful gas for humans beings, but it distroy bacteria and viruses from the air. Because of this feature many brands making ozone base purifier. You can search for Ozone side effects for more details. Air Ionizers : Air Ionizer simply charges the Air particles, which air particles makes the bacteria and virus. Because of particles charge these bacteria and virus are sticks to walls, bed or ceiling.

In this process harmful bacteria and virus are sticks to any object but won’t kill. It is proven 00000 Apart from that few Air Ionizers release Ozone in the Air during the ionization process. So If you like to choose Air ionizer make sure they have mentioned zero percent Ozone in the product description. Buying guide for Air filters in India There are very few options to consider. 1. HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) 2. HEPA filters + Activated Carbon filters. 3. Pre-filters (Add-on filter for large particles)

1. Dimension :

Decide the dimension of refrigerator, which will easily set in your place and your needs. capacity (normally in liters) it is depend on the unit dimension.

2. Place of freezer and types of door :

multiple doors or side-by-side door Single door.

3. Energy conservation rating :

Which will consume less electricity.

4. Brand selection :

Which is available at your nearby and which provide good service after sales.

5. Selection of colors, design and finally budget :

Limit, you can inquire price for same with other available options and done the best one.

Lets check the models and types are available in the market :

A] Freezer on top :

Advantage : Accommodate large trays for birthday cakes, pizza boxes and ice creams. Good for those people who use lots of ice and frozen foods, as these are within their hand.
Disadvantages: You have to bend to retrieve produce from the rest part other than freezer.

C] Side-by-Side doors :

Precaution to be taken for fridge durability, stays safe and does not danger us :

  • Make sure there is proper electrical installation of the refrigerator.
  • The power connection should be properly earthed.
  • Do not use an extension cord.
  • Frequently wash it out thoroughly with a bleach solution for a fresh-smelling. Be sure unplug the fridge before it wash.

Tips regarding refrigerator to be noticed :

  1. Old fridge is most energy consumer, compared to the latest one.
  2. In the summer it should not keep in an air-conditioned room, it can temperature only.
  3. If the power goes out and you keep the doors closed if your fridge is half.