Buying A New Fridge: A complete refrigerator buying guide or a perfect fridge buying guide :

Think on the following check points before buying a refrigerator : Buying A New Fridge


Please decide the dimension before buy refrigerator online, which will easily set in your place and your needs. Then, find out the height, width and depth of units you are select for buying. Always keep in mind to leave some inches space around the unit for proper air circulation. Also make sure there is enough space for open the door. Then think for the refrigerator capacity (normally in liters) it is depend on the unit dimension. So this is the important point while buying a new fridge.

Place of freezer and types of door :

Decide first freezer should be at above or bottom of the unit, which will help you and more convenient. Confirm the direction of the door to open either left or right side for your better access. If it is left side then please specify with the dealer before the unit is delivered to you. Also decide for door type, it would be available single door, double door, multiple doors or side-by-side door Single door. Most of the time we are not thinking about the space that we have while buying a new fridge.

Energy conservation rating:

Electricity rating

Confirm on unit for Energy Star label. These type of appliances are receive this rating from the Department of Energy. We can measure the energy by using “Energy Guide” label. It is mentioned the unit’s annual cost at various utility rates. With the help of this information we can easily compared to other models. More stars means more energy efficient, which will consume less electricity. So those are are give more importance for the electricity bill, please keep in mind this point while buying a new fridge.

Brand selection:

Info lips will not suggest any particular brand, but will suggest to check the service of brand which is easily available to nearby you. Also check for the customer review by asking your dealer, your friends and online store sites. It will help you to take a decision. Also check for the manufacturing year of the unit, because latest model has more features than previous. (Buying a new fridge)

Selection of colors, design and finally budget :

After completion of above all, think about colors, designs on it and finally very very important part and that is the price. Select the model which include maximum in your budget.
Don’t forget to negotiate the price. If the unit that you are selected in is over your price limit, you can inquire price for same with other available options and done the best one.
So friends think again on

Lets check the models and types are available in the market :

Freezer on top:

Advantage : Accommodate large trays for birthday cakes, pizza boxes and ice creams. This models are with adjustable glass shelves. They contain rolls and give maximum flexibility for store extra things. Good for those people who use lots of ice and frozen foods, as these are within their hand.

Refrigerator buying
Top freezer unit.

Disadvantages: You have to bend to retrieve produce from the rest part other than freezer.

Freezer at bottom:

Advantage : This model exclude bending to remove fresh foods, vegetables. It contains large size items, trays. This more is useful for hotels, clubs or bigger families. It is best for fresh fruit and vegetable lovers as no bending is need to reach them.

refrigerator buying guide

Disadvantages: Little bit challenging to find the foods in the freezer, as we don’t have habit of this. We need to check with these model for baskets to help you keep frozen food proper.
Separate freeze models are more energy efficient as less the amount of cool air that passes, as you can open only one door at a time.

Side-by-Side doors:

Advantage : Easy to see into both compartments, do not require more space for wide doors to open. Good for families that use frozen and fresh foods equally more often.
Disadvantages: Because of two doors less space for shelves, so they are narrow, so it is difficult to store bigger items.
Again these 3 are very important while buying a new fridge, like freezer at top or freezer at bottom or two doors.

Precaution to be taken for fridge durability, stays safe and does not danger us:

  • Make sure there is proper electrical installation of the refrigerator, the power source should be earthed. Be sure to ground the refrigerator and use only a three pin plug which will have proper earthing. If possible place refrigerator near the electrical outlet or make a new proper connection for refrigerator, do not use an extension cord.
  • Always use Voltage Stabilizer, it will help your refrigerator runs on the proper stabile voltage. Voltage range is given on a label placed at the door or at the back side. Now a days some models are inbuilt stabilizer but still Info lips will recommend to use stabilizer.
  • Avoid refrigerator from extreme heat, set your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, like cooking appliances, radiators.
  • Clean the condenser coils underneath the fridge with Vacuum periodically, at least every six months, especially if you have pet animals.
  • Do not spill water on the refrigerator, it would cause an electric current leakage or malfunction of some electrical components. Also keep it in mind while cleaning surrounding area of refrigerator.
  • Please fill up freezer to stop it from extra working for cool the empty space. If it is empty, keep the plastic water bottles.
  • Be sure to unplug the unit first and do the cleaning like coils, compressor, bottom part of body etc.
  • If you move your refrigerator from one place to another, do not plug on immediately, let it ideal for 5 to 10 mins, let the compressor stable then plug it one. It will save compressor durability.
  • Clean the door with rubbery gasket every month. Rub the hinge side with petroleum jelly.
  • Frequently wash it out thoroughly with a bleach solution for a fresh-smelling. Be sure unplug the fridge before it wash.
refrigerator buy online

Tips about refrigerator to be noticed :

  1. Old fridge is probably an energy consumer compared to the latest one.
  2. In the summer it should not keep in an air-conditioned room, it can raise electric consumption and in the winter it may not work properly if its temperature gets too cold. Refrigerators are not designed to heat inside, so placing a refrigerator in an environmental temperature only.
  3. If the power goes out and you keep the doors closed of your fridge, it will keep the food safe for four hours. Freezer will maintain its temperature for 48 hours if fridge is full and 24 hours if your fridge is half.
    These tips will help you while buying a new fridge.

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